The Toddler Program

For children 18 to 30 months

Tuesday and Thursday mornings

Ratio:  5:1  (Children to Educators)

Group size: 10 children

A licensed early education program that provides a flexible, positive and supportive environment for an early start in your child’s learning and development. The program promotes independence, social skills, language, learning to learn. Age appropriate opportunities include:  outdoor play (weather permitting), climbing, water play, sand play, dramatic play (dressing up, doll play, use of props), exploration of the natural world, music, creative play (with playdough, art materials, paint), block play (large and small), cognitive play (puzzles, sorting toys etc.), manipulative play, books and a circle time every day where we sing songs, use simple instruments, learn finger plays and read a story.

The Preschool Program

For children ages 2½ to 5 years

Two, three or five mornings per week

(9:00 – 11:30am)

Ratio:  8:1 (Children to Educators)

Group size: 16-24 children

The Orleans Preschool has a wide range of equipment and materials, to invite your children’s interest, to stimulate their creativity and to satisfy their desire to explore, experiment, discover and learn.

Our Preschool Programs include creative activities, books and stories, science experiences, songs and movement to music, Special Events/Guests, dramatic play, fine motor activities, daily outdoor play, snack time, oral language (speaking and listening activities), reading and writing readiness activities, early math activities, nutrition, safety knowledge, weather, seasons, calendars, exciting programming to explore, sensory play (water, sand, play dough), variety of gross motor activities…and more!

The Project Based Program

For children ages 2½ to 5 years

Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday afternoons (12:30-3:00 pm)

Ratio: 8:1 (Children to Educators)

Group size: 8-16 children

With the help of numerous children’s books, each month a new author is explored through literacy, art and other activities in the classroom. Using inspirations from the author’s animation, the teachers organize art projects and encourage the children to use the same medium, for example, Eric Carle created all his artwork with tissue paper.  Some of the authors we have read over the years are Laura Numeroff, Dr. Seuss; Donald Crews, just to name a few.

Introductory French Program

For children ages 2½ to 5 years

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons

Ratio: 5:1 (children to educators)

Group size: 5-15 children

The Introductory French program is designed to introduce preschoolers to basic French words and language.  The program is presented to the children in French with English translation in order to help build children’s vocabulary and understanding of the French language.

The children enrolled in the Introductory French Program will learn new vocabulary through play, books and movement.  They will learn to label their surroundings and learn basic French vocabulary.   The children are encouraged to use their new vocabulary at different times during the program.

This program is intended for Anglophone children wishing to learn French.